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Melissa H

gorgeous pic of your boys lee!! what do you mean by them both being in their new classes? do they do a rotation or something?? school doesn't go back over here until monday 4th feb. so a few days left for us!!!


What ADORABLE boys you have! It's interesting that our school year in the States begins in Sept. So fun to learn what other countries are doing.


P.S. You have Tim McGraw singing an Elton John tune and if I hadn't checked your music listings, I would have sworn it was TaylorHicks (my favorite--not my kids or husband, but mine). Think I'll be checking out Tim's music some more! Tks for the music tunes!


boohoo none of the pictures are loading for me, hope the boys had a great start to school!
hugs xx

Michelle Adams (aka Rynonut Mom)

Awww - I always love your gorgeous 1st day of school photos of them!
And I see you figured out how to use the frames! Woot!!!!! WTG, girl!


How exiting, another new year at school. Hope they have lots of fun in their new classes. We are half way, our new school year begins in August/September. Alvin will be going to highschool then ( or is it junior high?) Anyway he is looking forward to it :)


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