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love your car! Very cool!!!
Xx Jess


The Klugers are nice! Very nice! You have to love that new car smell!

Jen Hall

sooooooooo jealous!!!! lucky girl!!! - So are you driving to Kiwi Scraps??? I wanna get a pick of you doing the jump thing!!!!

Alison Shearer

Very, very nice Miss Lee!!

See you at Kiwi Scraps soon.

Alison XXX

Birgit Koopsen

Wow! Very cool!

Lyn Dwyer

Ooh love the new car you won't mind driving the kids to school tomorrow.....LOL!


Oh Lee, what a beauty, are you now waving as the Queen when you take a drive in it LOL


Michelle Adams

So cool, Lee!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

Belinda Venables

Nice wheels Lee...I'm totally envious!

Kylie Tout

WOW looks great - love the smell and the feel of a brand spanking new Car!!! Happy driving girl....

Rach Wyndham

Lee will you drive it to KiwiScraps - so we can run out into the carpark - oooh and ahhh ...... and most of all get high on the new car smell???

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