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So sorry for not being here for such a long time. My computer crashed and didn't do anything anymore. So I just had to wait and wait till it got fixed. Well it is fixed now but won''t be for long I think I need a new one.
Anyway I love the story about Lavender, what a lovely idea of Jen to give her a little felt bag and some goodies for Jake :)


Marie Noske

I thought something must have happened. I'll email you again. Lucky you had backed up your files. But what a nuisance for you.

Lusi Austin

hi honey ;)
yay about your car and bummer about your pc and papercrafts too.
will see you soon :)
love lus x

Belinda Venables

Hey Lee...Oohhh yay about the car...I love the new car smell, don't you? :)
I had similar with my computer a few weeks ago. Fortunately i only had to have a re-format so i didnt't loose too much. I did loose my emails like you though and now i have a BIG problem! I ahve a missing layout and I have rang all the mags to see who has it, and NONE of them do...:( Since i lost all my emails i don't have a record of the original acceptance letter. Not happy Jan! Anyway, this comment wasn't supose to be all about
Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.


So sorry to hear about the computer!!!! Thank goodness you've got that nice new scrap space to take your mind off it (ha ha)! I heard
from the ScrapHappy podcast that there's an uproar on the 2007 Hall of Fame for Creating Keepsakes. What's happenned to scrapping and sharing?

It seems like we just put the ornaments away and now it's that time again!! Tks for posting.


Rach Wyndham

It is a pity that Kiwi and Papercrafts are so close together because I really would have liked to go to both.

Sorry to hear about the puta, thank goodness you have your Mac as back up and yay for the car tomorrow - enjoy that yummy new car smell!


Hey chickey, bummer about the PC, but at least you still have all that love from "mac" LOL.

can you believe that we will see each other NEXT WEEKEND??? can't wait.

Ohhh, love the new car and I bet it smells soooooooooooo good.

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