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So happy to hear about the great time you had!!!
LOVE the photos!! It just shows how fun it looked like it was!!!
Im telling my work NOW that im taking the time off to come next year!! i think thats enough notice LOL!
Xx Jess


Oh it all looks so wonderful, I can imagine you must have had a wonderful time, meeting all these girls. The photos are great :)



wow! looked like you had heaps of fun:)

Megan Stephenson

Lee it looks like you had so much fun! But there was never any doubt that you wouldn't lol.

Great photos, and good to hear all went so brilliantly!

Belinda Howlett

great to see you again!!! You are the life of the party!!! very true words about the power of friendship and us great aussie scrappers.


I knew I could count on you to supply us with an insight to what the weekend was like!!! Super photos Lee and it looks like you had a ball!


OMG the pics ARE wonderful... I can't wait to see what you created ;)Don't keep us waiting for TOO long LOL

Michelle Adams

I am sooooo glad that you had a fabulous weekend, Lee!!! Hugs to you! :)


love your pics from the weekend
looks like so much fun
love being around great women :)


Great pics, sounds like a top weekend and that is what friendship is about picking up from where you left off.
Take Care

Alison Shearer

You are so quick with your photo collage!! It was great to see you again - we WILL organiose another get together/photo shoot soon!! That is a promise.


Melissa H

so cool looking through your kiwiscraps collage! saw a few familiar faces... can't wait to see emily again on thursday night!!! miss that girl! it looks like you really had a blast!


How very, VERY fun!!!!


SO good to finally get to hang out! thanks!


loved meeting you Lee! Great photos excpet the one of me...scary...eeek. xoxo

Robyn W

thanks so much for a very very excellent weekend Lee, cant wait til the next one

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