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Thanks Lee! :) I'll work on my tag shortly
Nothing like a tag game to lift one's spirits :)

Ronda P

What fun facts. I love that you have every movie ticket....that is so precious. I will work on this tag soon! Love 2 u!


love these facts!!
I could so live in my jammies too :)


Okay, I'm done with my was fun! Thanks! I just realized I tagged RondaP too! LOL. I loved that you saved your movie very cool is that!!! :)


I think we need to see a photo of that Hair style Lee!LOL And I have many of the movies tickets from when Jason and I would go as teenagers! They have faded a lot though.


It's so fun to read your version of the tag (i did one recently on my blog ;)
Glad you're feeling better.

BTW: I'm a real cigarette freak (i smoke the whole day.. Need to quit though but HOW)

Have a nice day


Thanks Lee, my first tag! I will get to it soon! Loved your answers especially the seafood sticks, which by the way is truly gross! lol
Love Bec

Chrissy Berry

Your fish stick thing made me laugh LOL!! Hey I could wear my jammies all day too if work would let me! hee hee

Thanks for the clothes tip for kiwi love! You're a doll!
See ya sooooo soon!
Chrissy xx

anna louise

hope you are feeling better hun, love your tags

Kylie Tout

Hey Lee - some interesting facts :0) I will get to my tag asap!

gigi nix the hot tea w/ lemon....lololol!!!

& i'm totally dying @ the rat's tail!!! lololol!! PLEASE tell me that you have pics!!!


I don't know about the saefood sticks Lee - surely you can't look at those things now :) But I'm with you on 1, 4 and 5!

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