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Chrissy Berry

Oh no!! :( Get well Miss Lee! We have a big weekend coming up!

Take it super easy ok?
Love Chrissy xx

Rach Wyndham

Hope you two are feeling better soon Lee, there is just nothing worse and yes you have a big weekend coming up.
Take care xxxx


Eek!! Get well soon!!


You poor thing! Stomach bugs are horrible! Take care and hope that you are feeling better soon.
Love Bec

Rachel Greig

oh Lee...... hope you get better real soon!!! x

Melissa H

get well soon!!! there's nothing worse than feeling sick, except when dh is feeling sick too and can't do everything for you!!

take care - you need to get better for the weekend... i can't wait to hear all about it!!


You poor things!!! get well soon!!


Aw I hope you feel better soon ;)

sending you some health from the netherlands ...



Oh no...hope you're feeling much better real soon - there's a big weekend ahead :)

Megan Stephenson

Oh Lee I hope you are both feeling better by now....still washed out I guess though. Yuck - don't you just hate getting sick!

Stephanie Howell

hope you feel better reeeeeeallly soon.


oh no! hope the two of you are feeling better soon.


Oh sweetie I hope you are feeling a bit better soon. thinking of you



SOrry to hear this....I hope you feel better SOON!!! Hugs my friend.

Michelle Adams

Feel better soon, you two!!! :)


i'm so sorry to hear that you were out of action. & BOTH of you! ugh!!!

but happy that it is all over...wish i could send some hot tea w/ lemon over for ya!

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