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OMG lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep telling Gary that we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to upgrade the TV and he says its not that old. We got it when Byron was born nearly 11 years ago and every DVD we watch is on a 3" band across the middle LOL

I will work even harder on him now. Ha!


loved chatting w/ you too my dear! & i will build an igloo next to the mailbox exciting!!! & oooohh!! the TV looks so great! now with the HD you'll be able to see all of those fine lines on calista flockerart's face when you watch brothers &!!! she won't be a flourecent orange skinny blob any more! lololol!!...

& just so you know....kate just came running in from the other room (where she had been tranfixed by blue's clues) to come & dance to the music on your blog...she keeps going "da..da..da.da..." soooooo funny!!

Jillian Guimont Paddack

Lee I just have to say that you are one awesome friend, most loyal and genine!! I love the photoshop Friday blog, how totally cool is that? TFS!!
Happy Friday, xo Jillian

fiona Leehane

Man that song...takes me back to Kiwi in a second:)

Petrina McDonald

What a great card - love that HS tape!

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