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Awesome cards, beautiful photo :)


Love the photo...and the cards are awesome too! :)


What a lovely card!!


lee, this is so beautiful! such a great pic of the 2 of you...i hope she gets to see it!

Megan Stephenson

Oh who wouldn't kill for your cheekbones Lee??!! That is a gorgeous photo of you and Simone! Your cards are all fabulous :-)


That is a great photo!!! I love this card!! You guys must be great friends!! Its great when you know no matter how far away you live from eachother, you'll still be the best of friends!!

Lyn Dwyer

Just popping in to see what you have been up to Lee....WOW......lots of yummy projects.....well done! I love listening to your music while I catch up on your bits and really are so Photogenic Lee.....such a gorgeous smile......



what a wonderful card!! and i love this video here!! have a great week!! :))


gorgeous card, lee. you are such a pretty girl:)

beth j

i like how the photo is vertical and the words are horizontal. very creative!


Great card - love the effect on th ephoto!!

Ronda P

Such an awesome little card! Love the photo & the actions. Gonna have to check them out!


Wow! what a gorgeous photo, and such a beautiful card too Lee! (Love urbain acid~it's my fav action)


beautiful card :)

Nura Keif

Beautiful card.Hope you don't mind i added you on my blog.Thanks!

Kylie Tout

WOW cards look awsome you are on a roll girl!!


I love this! HOW do you do things so simple yet so effective!! LOVE the bold red! Love that gorgeous pic! You 2 are so photogenic! xx

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