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You POOR thing!!! Doesn't sound like you've had a good weekend at all!!

*Get Well Soon!*

Xx Jess

Rachel Greig

Lee, that's terrible news!!! Hugs for a speedy recovery xxxx

Marie Noske

What dreadful news! I do hope that you are starting to feel beter again, soon. {hugs}

Ronda P

Awww I feel your pain. Ear infections are so painful especially when you are vomiting. I sincerely hope you get your hearing to return. I did think you were busting out the creativity. How smart are you to get those post ready!

Lyn Dwyer

Hope you are feeling better Lee.
I've had my fair share of hospital visits myself the past few weeks with my Dad.
Take care.........



You poor sweetie!! Wishing you a speedy recovery! {hugs}

Megan Stephenson

Oh Lee that is just dreadful!! I hope your hearing comes back again really soon, and that everything settles down for you :-)

Megan xx

Alison Shearer

Big hugs to you Lee. Sounds like a really awful time.Yuk!! I hope you are starting to feel better - and you're hearing all comes back to normal. Hospitals are not good places.

Alison XXXXX

Nic Downey

Hey Mate Hope that you make a full recovery. You just rest and put your feet up You deserve it

Nic xx


You poor thing Lee! Ear aches are not much fun, I went to the Eye and ear Hospital about 6 months ago, and really feel for you.

Wishing you a really speedy recovery.



You poor thing Lee - what a horrible way to spend your weekend. I hope the road to recovery is a quick one!

Kelly R

Hope you feel better soon gorgeous!



Lee that is just terrible - I hope you are feeling much better now



BIG hugs to you! Hope you get better SOON!

Michelle Adams

Lee!!! Gosh! GET BETTER SOON!!!

Lusi Austin

That's terrible mate! Hope you feel better REALLY soon! Love that you still keep your sense of humour even when life's not so grand. God bless you sweetie :)
Lus x


omg....Lee!!! i hope you feel better soon!!!! sending lots of {{{{{hugs}}}}}} your way!!!


oh no! that's terrible. hope you are feeling better now.

Megan W

OMGosh Lee hope youre feeling better now and your hearing comes back soon, how awful Earaches are the worst, yes Hospital Tag on Ems journal

Melissa H

how awful!! i always like to think as hospital visits as "little holidays" but it is hard when you're in that much pain!!! at least (if you want to think positively) you got a good piece of ephemera!!! hope you can hear again soon! :)

Kylie Tout

Bummer - hope you are feeling better - Ouch ears can be nasty. Take it easy girl and I am thinking that could be a great for Em's challenge :0( your poor thing.

Maybe you could ride that temporary hearing thing he he he could come in handy!



hope to see you back soon

Angela O'Neale

HI Lee! Hope you are feeling much better!

Kim Archer

Oh Lee, I have just read your blog:( Sorry to hear about the hospital visit!! I hope you are feeling better now and that your ear infection has settled down..
PS loving all the cards you are doing for Emily's challenge...especially the '@' symbol card! Very clever and so true for all of us in the online community - for without it none of us could connect!!
Have a great weekend.

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