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Have fun on your Camp.

Wont be much of a holiday round here next week. Hubby going back to work after being home a month - since our daughter arrived in the world. I'm going to be on my own with TWO KIDS. Yikes.


Hello Lee,I love reading your blog so i thought i would say hello as i am a lurker lol.I hope you have a great time at Camp.I got to ask where do you live cos a friend of mines family will be opening a lolly shop soon and reading your blog tonight was a surprise.Thanks for all your wonderful LO and blogging times.Happy new year.Sal


Hi Lee - another one de-lurking here :) I love reading your blog and admiring your gorgeous creations!

That's a beautiful photo of your Nan a couple of posts back - I can't wait to see what you do with it.


Hey Lee-
Hope you have a great time at the camp. And "snap" I have that stamp too and I love it. (Big 7 gypsies fan!!) I want all of them!!
Have a great day sweetness!
lOVE KEL xxx


Im a lurker too!! LOL!! I love bloglines - makes life sooo much easier and quicker - but also makes me lazy on my commenting!!

Michelle Adams

Oh - it's camp time again! How much fun are you going to have?????? LOL!! Can't wait to hear about it all! :)
You go girl! I so need to start walking...
That is an awesome photo of your Nan!
I finally got your card and a little something in the mail to you Saturday, so be on the watch! :)


I love that stamp too! I just got it in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to try it on something.


Oooh that stamp is gorgeous!!! Have fun with it!

Megan Stephenson

Good luck with your health kick Lee! And have fun at camp!

Megan xx

Rachel Greig

Redbend college! What a blast from the past! A lot of my old school friends went there after we finished at Tottenham in yr 10. (I went to the Central coast for 11 & 12). Have a great camp!


Thats such a great thing youre doing with Camp Quality! Have a great time! It sounds like you will!! Good luck with the health kick!! xx


Hi Lee, I too am a lurker. I like to read your blog which I found through lots of different links. I love your bloglines, it is fun to look at work that other people admire. I am hoping to attend Freestyle Downunder as well, so might see you there.
Pip Prosser

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