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Roz James

WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS Lee! That is AWESOME!! I know another 'Fisk-a-teer' but she hasn't 'come out' yet lol.

How exciting! Well done! :o)


A Fisk-a-teer! Now that's cool!
Congrats Lee and have fun doing your workshops!

Rachel Greig

That's great news Lee!


Fantastic! How much fun are you going to have!!??


congrats Lee - how exciting !!!

Rachie Wyndham

Congratulations Lee :)
Boy it is going to be fun being a Fiskars chick with you!

Belinda Howlett

well done - will you be at the show????


Man, how cool are you!!?!?! It sux, but Im gonna miss the Stitches and Craft this year... its ok though, cos I'll be in Europe!! YAY!! Congratualations!! Thats awesome!! xx

Lyn Dwyer

Welcome aboard Lee! You'll be such a great ambassador!

I'm so looking forward to meeting up with Heidi Grace again when she comes to Melb. S& C Show in March.

From one Fiskateer to'll love it girl!

Lusi Austin

how awesome chicky!!! maybe i can arrange to come down and see ya at s & c! i was gonna give it a miss this time but now....
well done mate! that really is awesome news!
lus x

Michelle Adams

That is just so cool, Lee! Congrats!!!!!

Ronda Palazzari

A big congrats. What a cool thing to do...testing out new products!


WOW girl this is great. Congrats Lee wonderful :)

Kim Bolyard

Lee,I a so happy for you..congrats!!!



that is GREAT news lee!!

congrats, i know that your thousand watt smile must be working overtime right now!


Congratulations!!!!!! How awesome is that. Hope to see you at the show then :)

Kirsty Wiseman

you are just way too talented for this scrapbook world!
Im delighted for you my dear freind xx

Alison Shearer

That's wonderful news Lee - way to go!!!!!! I will pop in and say hi if you are going to be at Rosehill.

Alison XXX


congrats lee! sounds like a cool title! :o)


Huge congrats Lee!


yay lee! I am so excited too...should be heaps of fun and a great challenge. I may just have to pop down to Sydeny to check it all out LOL!

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