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Wow Lee. That album is amazing. What a treasure to keep forever. Stunning ;o)

Love Kel XXX

Rachel Greig

Oh good on you for finishing it! Mine is still sitting here still unfinished!! Anyway - yours looks fab!!! Love that photo of him in the water!


Love it! I'm working on a board book for my son. The idea was to finish it to give him when the new baby arrived... she's five weeks now, and I've only done two pages. Oh well.

Belinda Howlett

love them!!! I also love this concept and I have done a LO documenting 12 days in december!!! Yours are soooo colourful and have some GREAT photos


awesome lee! this looks stunning! can i touch???

Lyn Dwyer

Well done Lee on getting it finished. Love the journaling arounf the edges. I did my Today You Album about my DH. I'm yet to finish Donna's One Year, One Album....but hey you have inspired me now to pull my finger out and get it finished.


that album looks fantastic!! You can be very proud!!
Xx jess

Kim Bolyad

Love how this turned out. When Ali was here in Dec. I saw this class but did not take it...wish I would have.



I visited a friend the other day and saw her album. It really inspired me. Now, after seeing yours I am more determioned than ever to do one ( or more!) Just waiting on an album..........

Roz James

YAY on finishing! It looks great! I only finished my KS stuff a couple of weeks ago lol


GORGEOUS album girlie! LOVE IT!

Ronda Palazzari

This is gorgeous. Love it!


Love what you did with the album ! Am about to try a similar project !


girl i love this little journal!! so FUN


this is awesome!!
love the color of your album :)

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