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janine kaye

not a lurker..always checking in on you gorgeous!!


Hi Lee, delurking...


Hi Lee. I pop by from time to time. Hi!! I wondered how you find out how many visitors you've had through bloglines?? I often dont get a lot of commenters, but would love to see how many ppl are actually reading my blog... I';m so techno-phobic, or techno-illiterate....


I check in each day, as I love to get inspiration from you, thankyou


Hi just found your blog the other day, Just love it!!!!

Have a great day.


Belinda Howlett


Donna Wild

Hey lovely Lee! Great concept...I seriously need to get out of the lurking habit. lol.


i read so many blogs through Bloglines... tends to encourage lurking. ;-) just thought i would pop in & say "hi! i lurk!" =)

Sally M

Hi Lee....I come and check your blog out every now and then :)

Mel Nunn

Hi Lee! What a great idea!!

Jo Carey

Hi Lee! Love the delurking thing...and your blog!

Lyn Dwyer

Hello know ME!
Not short of words
I do not lurk!
Always to talk
Love to socialise and love to walk
.....which reminds me...I haven't been for my walk I've off here and out the door..............

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