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Rachel Greig

Hi Lee
Apparently that's the way it's done at my nieces and nephews school too. Ethan starts school tomorrow, and we find out Friday who is in his class. There's only 2 classes for Kinder, and they mix them all up over the next 2 days, then allocate the class on Friday. I'm new to this whole schooling thing, so I'm on a massive learning curve myself! When I went to school, there was only about 10 kids, and we just stayed that way from Kinder to Yr 10!

Rachel Greig

oh and then I went to Yr 11 and 12 where there were 600 people in the year, so that was a HUGE difference! (but I loved it!)

Lyn Dwyer

Gorgeous pic of the boys Lee! Check out those blue eyes.......


A beautiful pic!!! From what I hear, the class allocation happens the same way at all of the (public) schools around here.

Chris M

The boys look so happy to be going back to school!! That's wonderful!

vivian bonder

what an awesome picture lee! {and i'm glad to see the
countdown you leave me every now and again}


your boys are gorgeous Lee - its back to school for us tomorrow!


Ahhhh...all around the state today, mothers were snapping those quintessential "back to school photos" (we were LOL)

The boys look very cute :)


...I meant mothers AND FATHERS, lest someone think I was being sexist!!!!!!


beautiful photo!

Michelle Adams

Wonderful photo, my friend!!!! Hope they have a great week.
And no - my boys get their room assignment before school starts and that's that! That's a really cool way to do it though...

Kathy Ferguson

That is bizarre and very unsettling I'd think - for everyone. What a waste of those days too cause you ca't really teach anything! Our classes are decided the year before and the kids all meet their teacher and spend an afternoon with them before the year ends. Much better. Everyone knows where they are going and who they will be with.

Megan Stephenson

Gorgeous photo of your boys Lee! Glad to hear all went well :-)

Megan xx

Karla Dudley

Oh honey this is a beautiful pic.!!! I have yet to live those days. Mine are too young but boy oh boy...I KNOW I am am going to cry my eyeballs out!!!!!!!!!!!



Your boys are sooooo cute!! Such beautiful blue eyes!!!
Thats a funny way of starting school but i guess if it works... its all a good thing!!!
*Fingers crossed* for your son Jack being in the same class as his new friend!!!
Xx jess!


That's a gorgeous pic of your two boys .... they have the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Just precious :)

Ronda Palazzari

Your boys so gorgeous! So your schools start in January? That makes much more since!

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