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Alison Shearer

What a great milestone Lee. Happy Birthday to your Nan.


corinne delis

my great grandmother turned 101 such a nice woman and she even looked like your nanna! love the picture of her, happy b-day to her!


Sarah van Wijck

What a lovely post and gorgous pictures of your Nan! Happy Birthday

Megan Stephenson

Happy birthday Nan! Lee that top photo just looks sensational.

What a magnificent woman...all the very best to her :-)

Megan xx


Happy Birthday Lee's Nan! She has such a twinkle in her eyes :) I hope that she had a wonderful day, it looks like she was surrounded by love! You are right Lee, it's amazing how the union of two people can create such a legacy.


Congrats with your Nan!
And your so belssed to have here around still.
Hope you can enjoy each other for much longer now.


it sure is a milestone! And what a beautiful lady! And you've got one cool family there!! Enjoy it!


Happy Birthday to your nanna Lee, I love the photo of her, she really looks fabulous. It looks like you all had a great day


Rachel Greig

Happy Birthday to your Nan! She looks so happy! :) It would be great to have so much family around to celebrate with!


What a marvelous age your nan is. That is my aim and more! Love all your calendar pressies lovely work.
happy New Year my matey!

love ruthy x


What a beautiful photo. She has the most incredible eyes. Happy Birthday to her!

Lusi Austin

Happy belated birthday to your nana Lee! What a precious angel ;)
You are one blessed girl to have a nana like her! I would have given anything to have had a nana who loved me live in the same country as me! bet it was a very special time for you guys :)
Lots of love,
Lus x

Jessica Lothian

Happy birthday to her! My Nan turned 90 as well last week. Sadly she has advanced dementia so it was quite a hard day emotionally because she didn't know who anyone was and didn't really understand that it was her birthday. Like you though, it started a lot of reminiscing for me. Your nan looks beautiful Lee, and so wonderful that she has such a big family to celebrate with her.



Happy Birthday! What a grea tribute post Lee!

Sally M

Wow Lee! That photo of your Nan is so special!


what a great photo of a beautiful lady!!!
happy birthday to her (she deserves a drink! ;-)

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