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...that is because you have been such a good girl!!!! (coughchuckleyeahrightcough)

Santa bought me one last Christmas and I love it:)


Kim Bolyard

great gift...I wanted on of those but got a Coach purse instead, which I also wanted. Guess we were good girls this year.

Wish you were going to CHA too. It would great to meet and hang out with you. I know we would have a ball.



That's awesome! Enjoy it!!!


Soo cool! Congrats!


OOOOHHH that is awesome Lee, what a great present. You must have been a very good girl this year LOL
Great song by the way, love the 80's

love Alette

Mel Nunn

OOOOhhh someone was spoilt!!!!! Hope you had a great chrissy Lee...


I've got one of the old pink iPod minis and I seriously love it - best investment I ever made. Enjoy!!

Lyn Dwyer

Lucky girl Lee! You deserve something nice.....and hey you love music......what a lovely hubby you have !

Belinda Howlett

LUCKY GIRL!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Birgit Koopsen

Whoohoo! Lucky you! LOVE all your Christmas pictures!!

Libby Morris


I nearly died when Belinda Carlisle came on!

I will be spending the next 2 or 3 hours reminiscing my year 12 adventures...thanks Lee.

Got any "Our lips are sealed"?


Happy Lib xxx


Awe wow lucky you!!! You must have been a very good girl!! Enjoy it :)


you, lucky, girl, you!!!
what fun!!! enjoy your cool ipod!

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