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Kylie Tout

ooooh I know I am just watching the show for a perv at Tom :0)


i'll be watching it just to get my TOM fix!!! ooohhhh laaaaa laaaa!!! those eyes, that chest, that......okay, have to stop - drooling here!!! hehe

Kate Mason

Oh man, what is wrong with you girl? Don't like BB? Shame shame shame! LOL. Gotta say, that Tom, oh I just loved him on that final episode of Dancing with the stars, well the whole series of course but particularly the last one (shirt off!). He is something else thats for sure. Haven't seen the mole, will have to check it out! xx


it's worth watching just for Tom I think!!


Tom...mmmmmmmm...hate BB too!!! I once guessed the mole from the first shows. I was so proud. I taped it and hope to watch it tomorrow night!!!!

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