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Never heard of the Goodies, but the way you describe it they must be a blast :)

Have a nice day


Oh Lee - I LOVE the goodies. They were a big part of my television viewing when I was growing up. I have been saying for ages that I wish they would come back. I'm coming over to your house to watch with you - I'll bring the pop corn...

nellie :-)


Oh Lee I loved the Goodies. Do you remember 'Don't cry for me Marge and Tina' or 'the funky gibbon'. Man this show is a classic!! Oh and all the little Rolf Harris's... LOL!!


Never heard of them, but it sounds funny!! Too cute! :-)

p.s. I like your new look & song!


The Goodies with Dougle the Dog from the Magic Roundabout :)

Mel Goodsell

Lee, where did you find the dvd with so many episodes?? Is it in Aus?? My husband would KILL for this DVD, he loves the goodies,
Mel x

Rachel Greig

oh man, the goodies were so much fun to watch. There were so many cool episodes! Like the one where they were in the dinosaurs belly. Gross, but funny!


hehehe, go the goodies!

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